A Hero of Forgotten Time
A Hero of Forgotten Time
Ever Active Powers

🕷 Magic Weaver: While Galaviz does not directly influence magic in mortals (or even have proper use of magic himself), the very presence of his existence enhances magic for those around himself. Spells done near Galaviz are supernaturally more impressive and powerful without intention. That is — if someone tries to cast a cleaning spell to wash their dishes while near Galaviz, the spell would clean everything within 200 meters. This field of influence and weaving extends out roughly 5 meters from his person in all directions.

🕷 Reality Stitcher: As an unmade and original entity, Ranya was connected directly to the source of all things. Galaviz has, because of it, harvested clout over all manner of material and immaterial spheres, allowing his very existence to create potential, power, and influence itself. He can affect transcendent natures, power levels, and truths of self simply by being near or touching someone; unlike his magic, he must be in physical contact with someone to do this, and he usually has to have an intent in heart. Wanting his friend to do well makes them do well; wanting them to be stronger gives them boosts of strength. In the same vein, he can limit and inhibit enemies simply by getting close enough for direct contact.

🕷 Life Maker: Though Galaviz does not answer prayers directly, people close enough to him (most especially those that touch him directly, or inhabit his heart and mind) can use the nature of his spirit to earn their own gains. From extra finance to possibilities for their own future, his ability to uplift and alter individuals, species, or even culture has been the source of the Blessings of The Spider his family most often utilized.

🕷 Sex Legend: Because of the nature of this current reality, cultivating Ranya created not just a god of madness, pleasure, sex, marriage, love and lust but sex itself and, as such, his sex is enhanced beyond reasoning. Even in flux, his size is impossibly large, his girth godly, and his stamina and capacity for sex absolutely otherworldly. He is a cultivation of both the light and the dark of sex, too large for human right, but too good to not enjoy, making it a constant influence and struggle. The only nature he can subdue, thankfully, is the aphrodisiac plesaure his taste can give — but it's more a matter of allowing an individual's free will to resist, not turning it off himself.

🕷 Origin Artisan: Because of Ranya existing before the before, Galaviz has constant existence of eternity running through him. He remembers and knows lives that were not his, loves that never existed, and can create from this. He can make new embodiments unto others, make minor conceptual beings (expressions, really, of other concepts rather than the Compass beings themselves) and even bestow creation unto empty spaces of reality. His existence alone makes him an oddity, seeing past, present and future when he touches, or being struck with seizure like moments when a past life or possibility is struggling to be remembered within him. It also gives him talents he hasn't earned, taken from previous vessels Ranya inhabited.

🕷 Spider Artifice: Expectedly, Galaviz is always tied to spiders. All spiders, on every planet, in every form, from every universe, is under his influence and command. Because of this, they also speak to him, always, and he shares their every experience, every view, every taste, near constantly. While some spiders (such as spider gods) can try to block him and Galaviz himself can give up power to them in their territories, he still has understanding of them and their lives all the same.

🕷 Knowledge Author: As Galaviz lives, the knowledge grows. While Webster maintains the bulk of knowledge in its pages and books it creates, Galaviz channels and exists for the knowledge to pass through first. He can find and harness any piece of written and known information in any reality, from any iteration of the cosmos and creation.

Powers In Flux

🕷 Pathmaker: Unlike luck, Galaviz (thanks to how close to Hugo he's grown) can see probability much more readily in reality. Rather than spheres, he can twist and alter probability on and off. Some days it's harder to witness how things could be changed than others, leaving him to need a frustrating moment to work through the story to be able to properly see the probability of what comes next.

🕷 Rich Rivers: Affecting money is a strange circumstance and, mostly, gets done by someone calling for it or needing it from being too close to Galaviz. Instead of actively influencing money or knowing how to move banks and economies, his nature reacts to requirements instead, giving consequence to real life systems. Only those within 5 meters who find themselves in dire need of financial help and gain activate this alteration in Galaviz.

🕷 Luck Spinner: Mostly, Galaviz affects existing probability fields that already exist which means that, when not being drawn toward them, can't really help others with luck on their side. He could learn to harness it better (and often gets harsh lessons from Hugo because of it) but he doesn't mind not being a walking source of eternal luck anyway.

🕷 Strong Body: Though Galaviz is an absolute immortal and incapable of truly dying, he doesn't have a constantly unbreakable body. Thanks to having a still human mind and condition of existence, he has days of being weaker than others, and he must force the channeled strength of moving beyond basic superhuman levels of bodily action and form. He can, daily, lift roughly five tons of weight and survive being hit by a two tons of weight directly, but he'd get pretty broken up from it. He regularly gets bruised and scratched and broken in fights, needing some rest or special webbing to heal himself after. If he was all but killed, broken beyond recognition, he could cocoon himself in webbing and shed the upper layers of his flesh to molt and be completely repaired that way, cleaning himself of scar tissue and wounds.

🕷 Danger Sense: Borderline precognitive, Galaviz can have dreams and moments of existing in other positions of danger: when someone he cares about should be harmed he can, sometimes, sense it no matter how far away. But when it comes to himself, if someone were to attack him from far enough away (roughly 100 meters) somehow, he wouldn't be able to sense or understand the danger until it was roughly 10 meters from his person. Any attacks within those 10 meters makes his brain go fuzzy, however, rather than telling him exactly what is coming.

🕷 Eternal Lives: There are more lives that Ranya has lived than can be accounted for, countless centuries through countless millenia over countless realities and countless cosmic incarnations. Because of this, Galaviz can still be overwhelmed, triggering memories that are not his own and yet completely define him now, endless lives forming foundations for all he is and will be.