Chainring, Tangled Up Parts
Chainring Tangled Up Parts
The Costume

As Chainring, Galaviz's costume is not a costume at all: his body itself converts into something that looks like a costume instead. His clothes and body alter into cosmic darkness and light, woven around him in threads that bloom from his body to alter his biomass. In his "costume", Galaviz's body reflects sources of power and cosmic rights, often emulating the tree of power that permeates through all the realities currently in play; as he moves dimensions, universes and realities, the shapes of stars and galaxies that glow over his arms, torso and legs drift, reflecting more of the cosmic sky that he currently stands beneath.

In this appearance, Galaviz can do more than the normal nature of the spider, thanks to the cultivation of power that has been made manifest in him. As equal parts holy and damned, he can conjure any and all forms of energy and materials, manipulating forces on cosmic, fundemental and quantum scales.

The Powers
Like all Pemón people, Galaviz was born inherited unto certain aspects of power, known as Orekotón which provides them a few basic natures of becoming both viewers of reality and participants among all levels of self. The Pemón have always believed, participated in and aided the cultivation of the multiverse itself, existing in dimensional space and time, temporarily, that is well beyond the normal human or homostia nature. Because of his Pemón blood, Galaviz was elevated beyond simply being a vessel for raw power and shamanistic theurgist: he became a host for an entity well beyond his own truths and that, to the common world, is the totemic nature of the spider that gifts him strength.
Pemón (Person) Yekatón (Soul) Tux Ye Edai (Here I Am)
Yaukar├╝ (Spirits) Enek (Animal) Mawari (Nature)
Then, of course, comes the very nature of the Spider that exists in him and his public persona. While most see Galaviz as an elevated spider god, the truth is that he has replaced Ranya The Spider as the origin of all spiders in creation. This gives him absolute (though transient) physical capabilities, elevating him well beyond his human nature and capacity; ignoring the size differences between himself and his spider forms, or even the nature of his sex, or spirit, Galaviz is a powerhouse of pure force and reckoning.
The Spider First Spider Spider King Strong Boy Wall Crawler Sweet The Sting Needle Point Spider's Web Supersilk Spinner Secret Tricks
Spidey Sense Dreamcatcher Great Weaver Unlaced Life A World In Flux New Universes Endless Space Instinct Bags True Love Knowledge Growth
Hidden Truths

Spider, as an essence of infinity itself, perpetuates totality and eternity, from beginning to end. As the origin of spiders, Galaviz has a number of astronomical, unreal, and absolute powers that do not get shared with many. From the tricks of destiny to the absolution (and damnation) of his sexual capacity, to the simple tricks of cosmic, stellar and reality transmorgifications he can manage, most of his garnishments as Ranya are typically only revealed to the public as odd and happenstance coincidence rather than understood and viable nature. Even Webster, the book that manifests the full spectrum of his power in understandable form, does not actually get seen or recognized until Galaviz himself wants someone to be able to witness and interact with it.

Of its gifts, including its ability to enhance magic or alter reality, it is the blessing of spider that Galaviz has used most consistently in secret, to affect his family and their luck, fortune and circumstances.