Facts and Figures
Facts and Figures
Galaviz Facts

Stands at a whopping 172½CM but his weight is ever in serious fluctuation. He is compact, but all muscle, and in transition nearly constantly, making it so that some days he weighs roughly 20kg and some days, he weighs 300kg, never making much sense.

His hair is naturally somewhere between a poppy and port color of red, but he can consciously change it. It requires sustaining the new shade, however, and most dyes fade out of his hair overnight, so he tends to let it flicker back to its new natural state as often as he can.

Generally hates the name Sunwoo, though he's had it all his life. Na-Ri, under possession of The Distribution of Stars in particular, used it to address him and so it doesn't sit right with him. He prefers Seonoo when people are speaking Korean to him.

Really hates facial hair (and, honestly, most body hair, but legs and underarms are fine) so he shaves almost religiously. He only uses a straight razor for this, and he has a nice collection of them, from antiques to modern creations; but it must always be a straight razor.

A talented guitar player, with basic jazz piano training and some kind of self-taught drum skills. Music has always been fun, but before recently he only ever really accompanied his brother on his ventures, never much thinking about trying on his own. Galaviz did, however, always keep a dairy, daily, which has helped to learn to cultivate all his memories (and those of Ranya) into lyrics and storytelling of songs.

He doesn't quite have a fear of birds, but after everything... he definitely doesn't enjoy them getting too near. He tends to get itchy when some do, skin wanting to peel off his body, as if already pecked at. But he doesn't shift into a giant spider or scream, thankfully.

Is often joked about as having a voice deeper than the ocean itself, because of early injuries to his vocal chords. His voice acting is a product of relearning to speak: he can control his vocal chords to an absolutely fine point, allowing him to often sound softer, or higher, than is comfortable in his throat. His singing on his new songs and upcoming album are where his vocal chords are naturally most comfortable, despite the way he tends to sound.

Masterful martial artist: he is a 7th dan in Taekwondo and has practiced wushu and shaolin kungfu for 13 years; he is also well versed and trained in hapkido, judo, jiujitsu and muay thai, thanks to the roles and acting gigs he's been able to land.

Cereal for breakfast is nearly a necessity, though he doesn't pass up something warm and freshly made either. Especially his mother's cooking.

Prefers juice to cola. He love, love, loves pear juice, peach juice and pomegranate juice! These are always in stock in his fridge, no matter what else might or might not be in there.

Technically he does not have veins anymore but, when he does get injured, his body oozes a blue substance similar to blood anyway. He has a functioning pulse anyway, and his saliva and other bodily fluids remain relatively normal and human, but his body is in transition from human to eternal and so, currently, bleeds blue.

The Mark of The Spider exists along his occipital bone: that is, underneath his hair, on the back of his head, lay a kind of transient mark that registers that he is the one true Ranya now; this mark, should he give up his gift ever, would burn through flesh and bone of whomever next takes up the mantle. As they accept Webster, the mark would manifest. For him, it gives him the mental, spiritual and emotional control over his nature, powers and, of course, Webster itself. The mark changes colors but, at rest, mostly resembles a scar that has been inked over.

Used to dream about being a soccer player, and then briefly about being a lawyer, but the nature of his powers lead to his serious interest in sciences and the ability to translate, understand and manipulate the cosmic forces of the universe.

Favorite Foods: Arepas, Mandoca, Golfaedos, Cachapa, Chivo-En-Coco, Yo-Yo. He also has a serious weakness for Susy and Cocoselle snacks, but he much prefers cakes to snacks or cookies.

Favorite Music Acts: Death Cab For Cutie, Margot & The Nuclear So-and-Sos, Manchester Orchestra (and Right Away, Great Captain!), Stars, Craft Spells, Foals, Rilo Kiley and Leonard Cohen.

Favorite Authors: Alberto Barrera Tyszka, Eduardo J. Sánchez Rugeles and Karina Sainz Borgo. He also has a soft spot for Yonghwa Jung, Buddy Wakefield and Anis Mojgani.

Favorite Films & TV: The Godfather, It's A Wonderful Life, Blazing Saddles, Rocky, The Honeymooners, I Love Lucy, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, I Dream of Jeannie, The Garden of Words, Veep.

Spider Facts

Because a liberated god, New and Daniel were the only influential concepts of timeless existences, Galaviz exists in the same liminality: neither here nor there, with power manifested physically. An immensly large penis (roughly 26 inches) and a body that breaks open magic around himself to expand on spells and influence, he has a hard time controlling things still.

He does also have a second penis (as the damned creatures of timeless time often do, i.e: monroe, lucifer etc), but it, thankfully, has been adjusted to be a kind of possibility rather than necessity; the damnation of his nature as a creator and destroyer made it too difficult to avoid completely. He is cursed only with enormous size, rather than the dual piercings of Dali or Monroe Yves Starling.

Thanks to the size, Galaviz's clothes are adjusted by his own powers, allowing them to exist as minor and transient dimensional space, creating the appearance of normalcy until his clothes are removed and the truth is given to whomever he is sharing his time with.

As with most things, the reflection of gods, creators and divine exist even with Ranya. On Earth, essences like Ranya (or, by the nature of its weaving stories, essences of Ranya) permeated through to become ideaologies and forms of Liber, Dionysus, Bacchus, Pan, Lucifer, Anansi, Osiris, Xipe Topec, Jarilo, Freyr, Yue-Lao, Daikokuten and Xochipilli. Each of his vessels has manifested in a form that eventually fills a spot like this, over the various realities. This is what drove the way that they wove his powers together to manifest the way it is: similar and unique to many various entities of Earth, to follow tracks of energy already in existence.

Every surface gland of Galaviz's body doubles as a spinneret; this means that each one can sprout 8 strands of silk per second, giving way to an allowance of creating 36,480 pieces of webbing per second in each hand; his body itself can project and produce 52,000,000 strands per second if he commands it, from every gland save those on his scalp; his hair is softer, more capable, than most hair and the glands there instead function for him to control in finer ways. His silk, threads and webbing are all stronger, more flexible, more durable and more versatile than any other on Earth — one strand of silk wrapped around the world would last for decades as a new ring; enough strands and he could build an unbreakable wall. The fabric he makes of his woven works are typically, then, capable of withstanding and shielding from gunfire, the harsh elements and even explosions while maintaining their ability to breathe and flow like the lightest element on earth. Galaviz can conjure, now, any kind of fiber even metal from his silk.

As Ranya is an origin of all spiders (a title shared, with others, and most powerful in the spaces between worlds), Galaviz has earned now every association and gift of Spider since the dawn of things until the end. Like Misiq for Kai, Ranya was an entity that wove itself through every fracture of spider and spider-esque gods, encompassing and becoming all forms; unlike Misiq, it was not malicious and, therefore, it is a bit harder to redefine or reshape on instant will alone.

Galaviz is now a liminal divinity: he is spider of stories and spider of storms; he is sex and death, he is life and limits, he is pleasure and pain. He does not actively swallow every single story of existence, however, as they exist within the books he creates instead. He has been contacted by The Collective to help create their books but has, for now, declined them; he has no need for their guidance or limitations.

At base form, Galaviz' spider form is roughly 15 meters tall from foot to cephalotrax (the head of its body) but can grow larger than planets, or smaller than ticks as it requires. It also creates a unique mixture of toxins and poisons, and the ability to harness sharpened edges and extra limbs like tails, to give it an appearance more like a spider-scorpion hybrid, harking back to a time before time when things did not ever exist in one single way.