Ars Moriendi / Art of Dying
Ars Moriendi the Art of Dying

The ars moriendi is a source of wisdom, stories, creativity, dreams, the stars, the moon, the sun and the shape of things and cultivation of understanding in these concepts bestowed unto Galaviz by the joint effort of Hugo, Eden, New and Dali, who wove together wish, darkness, light and pain to create the new existence of the one true and ancient spider. Where Ranya was ever the creator and destroyer, these gifts have been retained and conjoined with Quisne herself, creating a totality of duality: birth and death, truth and mystery, knowledge and the unknown, nature and magic, pleasure and pain. Because of the quality of learning within Galaviz, anything not directly belonging unto the nature of the spider itself is explained through his books now, giving him chapters to understanding: each chapter is not truly a level, but a gathering of power he learns to control by understanding the place it originates from within him.

Galaviz now stands at the crossroad of the arts: the art of dying, the art of sex, the art of love. The great weaver binds together the threads of truth, each one of his eight great legs becoming a chapter of the story of every life. Every story encompasses art, fate and storytelling, making Galaviz an unpredictable power of absolution: he is a creator and a thief, the servant and the king. He manifests all manners of art, fate, stories, time, knowledge and spiders, making him a rival to the greatest powers of Earth mythologies. This is the part of his gift that can be given away, Ars Moriendi being a force now to gift, or cherish, for all eternities, rather than Ranya reincarnating in various vessels.

Virtuosity of Life Threads of Providence Fairytales & Fables Horror, Drama & Romance Webster the Workmate Desire, Lust & Need Calm As The Tide Cake Is A Lie Determined Heart
Lace, Twists & Knots An Ancient, Ever Flow The Spiders, Everywhen Creator of Realms Learned Ancient Beginnings and Endings Harvest Reality Move The Planets Let Loose In Pleasure
chapter one: the good of dyingchapter one: the virtue of sex
The emotions of the wellbeing, the Good of Dying and Virtue of Sex are the crossroads of understanding. Consolation and guidance for life, and death, while exploring pleasure and safety in sex, the first chapter of Galaviz's stories always lay the groundwork of being emotionally prepared for all things. All about the gifts that affect the direct interactions of living beings, allowing Galaviz to understand how to help others move through even their own worst selves. On the same token, he can use these lessons to instill fear, or remove safety, from those who are undeserving of good.
Good Of Dying Solace of Life Valour of Spirit Pain Of Dying Sorrowing: Woes Bogeyman: Damnation
Virtue of Pleasure Fancies & Fornication Generous Lover Sin of Pleasure Lecherous Louse Selfish Corruption
chapter two: five temptationschapter two: five downfalls
The body of the wellbeing, there are Five Temptations that beset the living and dying alike, and Galaviz can offer five salvations in turn; the same goes for pleasure, where Five Downfalls come to the lover who may ask Galaviz for five lifelines to guide them through. Galaviz manifests all the abilities of the temptations, the salvations, the downfalls and lifelines; he is terrifying and calming at once, capable of shifting his existence to impart anything one might need to survive their circumstances.
The Temptations Faithless Fights Melancholia Impatient Wilds Pride/Falls Transient States The Salvations Promised Possession Romantic Quixotic Ameliorate Modest Rises Eternal Spirits
The Downfalls Frail Forces Big Bad Pain Nervous Waves Identity: Lost Obscure Expiation The Lifelines True Credence Joy and Cheer Breathe: Relieve Satisfying Touch Abundant Growth
chapter three: seven questions for dyingchapter three: seven questions for loving
The mind of wellbeing, guided by seven questions for the spirit both in the dying and the loving. This lets Galaviz guide the spirit to new gifts (whether blessings or damnations) depending on the sincere response and action in reply to the question at hand.
For The Dying (Living) Do You Believe? Do You Confess? Are You Repentant? Would You Change? Can You Forgive? Have You Tried? Can You Release?
For The Loving (Pleased) Do You Trust? Do You Recognize? Are You Sorry? Do You Embrace? Are You Free? Do You Nurture? Are You Carefree?
chapter four: passion and ascension - lifechapter four: passion and ascension - love
The service of wellbeing, also known as the passionfruit of existence. Like nature, the body and spirit undergo several stages of development, leading to the creative journey of life and love that takes one from womb to tomb and beyond. The process is abridged into three stages and one reward from the method of passionfruit living.
Passionfruit: Life Soul: Seedling Soul: Flowering Soul: Fruiting Soul: Paradise
Passionfruit: Love Heart: Craving Heart: Acceptance Heart: Potency Heart: Bliss
chapter five: behavior of remainschapter five: behavior of partners
The community of wellbeing handles only the ways that the others whom are impacted by our lives handle their responsibilities with and without us. It questions and guides the behaviors of our surroundings, the civility and kindness of family, friends, coworkers, lovers and strangers.
Do Well Help Others Love Others Save Others
Listen Be Kind Learn Cherish
chapter six: prayers for dyingchapter six: prayers for loving
The wealth of wellbeing, or the finance of existence, the Sixth chapter of wellbeing has all to do with wealth after the prosperity of spirit and soul has been fed. Economic growth, riches, and legacy come into question with prayers that can be offered unto Galaviz to earn blessings of fortune back in spades. This is the gift that was once called the blessings of the spider among his family.
Living Prayers Living Legacies Dying Prayers Dying Legacies
Loving Prayers Loving Legacies Losing Prayers Losing Legacies
chapter seven: the mirror of salvationchapter seven: the mirror of love
The environment of wellbeing involves the surroundings of the individual as reflections of the self. As the stations change through the soul so, too, must one's surroundings. These alterations exist in five stations mirrored through history and all stories that have come, that are, and that are still yet to be. In a way, this is Galaviz's own version of the Speculum Humanae Salvationis: The Mirror of Salvation. It is the most expansive nature of his gifts, as it has to do with connections, which is the key to the way that one must weave life, death and all that comes between.
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final chapter: memento morifinal chapter: memento sors
The spirit of wellbeing, having more to do with memory and commemoration than anything else, empowers Galaviz with the direct influence of the bonds that tie the mortal realm to the spiritual, the afterlife, the realm of soulmates and lovers. It is a power over honor, memorium and wisdom of endless time.
The Longing Dark Tempers Requiems Danse Macabre Inevitable Death Fellow Creators
The Burning Star Tempers Shooting Stars Blue Haze Sex: Evident Fellow Lovers