About: History of Galaviz
About A History of Boys

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Galaviz only remembers the time spent there by virtue of the spirit and eternities that possessed him as a young child. On a plateau of Kukenán, otherwise known as Matawi, Galaviz was taken at just five years of age. It was a journey to honor the past and hope for guidance from the spirits; the family was already large, struggling, and a late life child was not what anyone had expected. Chiquinquirá thought it would be the best option: going back to rely on the nature of her Pemón heritage, harvesting some fortune and blessings from the gods and spirits of the world long gone and still to come. But, rather than get answers, or guidance, she was given a different kind of gift.

Her child, swaddled in torn old fabric, was marked and taken over.

Even now, it sounds dramatic, to Galaviz. But this is the truth: a young boy of mixed blood born too late in his parent's dissolving marriage and crumbling lives, was taken and chosen by a spirit too old to still be known or named. All that they knew was that the boy was marked then, a burned and colorful sign on the back of the young child's head. Panic settled fast enough when he awoke only an hour after being returned home. It was even better when, after trying to find a doctor to come visit urgently, one happened to have a free moment to visit. Galaviz was healthy as anything, and it seemed, to the doctor, that the mark was nothing more than an odd birthmark no one had ever noticed before.

Strange things were written off that way more often than not.

The strangest thing, however, is having those memories all his life. To know that he had been born, had run, walked, screamed, in a languag that now isn't even completely his. Galaviz has no trouble switching tongues these days, of course, but when the family first made their way to America, it was like English had always been the pool he'd been meant to swim in. Memories of his own chlidhood in Caracas, of siblings struggling, of a family in crisis and trying to get out, were translated old films and he much preferred the old black and white shows he got to watch in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. Only Ninibeth, Imanol and Galaviz stayed in the apartment with their parents; the other siblings were couch dwellers and occasional dropins, living with cousins or aunts and uncles, and finding their own successes growing in the new country of home. Galaviz himself isn't really sure how, or when, the family started to realize that they could get blessings, but they had. The paperwork to leave Venezuela, the citizenship assistance in America, the work opportunities. By 2010, they were fully fleged Americans and working, all of them; even Galaviz started to feel a tickle of work on his way, joining his Titi on set and being scouted for a new and upcoming show for Nickelodeon.

Everything was... a whirlwind, really. It might be what drove him to feel like America is, and always was, home; it might be why he never noticed the moments he'd black out or be taken over by something else. Nightmares of death, memories of betrayal and pain and insanity. They had always been there, but who pays attention to warnings of The Devil when there are clearly angels overhead guiding you along? With all the luck around him, Galaviz and his parents never had a reason to worry about terrors in the darkness. It wasn't as if anyone really paid attention to Galaviz anyway: he was twelve years old, traveling between Los Angeles and Florida, working on a little and growing career that no one else could really try to touch. He was never part of decisions, never part of any real knowing things.

He didn't even find out his family had left Florida until it was already done and he was boarding a plane to Cincinnati, Ohio instead of the sunshine state. Chiquinquirá had gotten a great offer there, working at a big time hospital instead of local clinics, and with Galaviz working on Supah Ninjas in California, did where his parents lived and work really matter?

It was just the way it was. A rub to the head. A kiss to the nose. A thanks and it was all settled.

That was life, until it wasn't.

While working, Galaviz started to get some kind of independence. An awkwardness. The spider grew, Ranya taking over more than just power and soul but personality, now and again. It made him act out, made him misbehave, until he met Vivian. It was, even at fourteen, something like the world pausing and everything suddenly making sense. Even before either of them could remember their past, they were in love, troublemaking with their wandering hands and stolen kisses in every alley and corner they could find. With Galaviz's family far away and Vivian's family ever busy at their offices, there was no speedbump too great for them until, of course, there was.

It was January, 2015 and Galaviz had just moved to New York, leaving Vivian in Los Angeles. It wouldn't last — everyone was so sure of that. Galaviz was certain otherwise. They'd find a way. They'd break it all down and apart. Fight their curse. Use the power of love and overcome. But then, the darkness came anyway: Jonathan's other sons found Galaviz and Imanol who were living together in Brooklyn, making something of brotherhood themselves. Daeshik and Yongseok had learned about the whole Zavala Moon family years beforehand but never had the courage (or finances) to reach out. When Daeshik got his promotion, however, they felt it as good a time as any — and news of the New York move with their slightly-famous half brother just made sense to try for. It worked. And, though the first meeting was nearly awkward, things went well. Four brothers, hoping onto their phones, made the best of it, laughing and eating and sharing stories of growing up and awkward languages together.

And then the stars came out.

They had heard about Na-Ri since they were children. The other woman. The whore. The bitch. Galaviz had tried to paint a better image of her despite it all. It was miscommunication, it was difficult, it was strange. But when she arrived in New York as a frenzy of darkness and light, all the kindness was shattered. Her children were snatched from before his eyes and she woke every fear his head had in it. Ringing for miles went off, a kind of siren scream from the spider in his soul that said to run, to kill, to die; to do anything but stand there waiting like the stupid child he was. So, he ran.

And that was the biggest mistake of his life.

For years, things began to seem bleaker and bleaker. As Na-Ri had to work harder, wrapped in her own madness, so too did Vivian start to feel madness wake in her. They broke it off — Galaviz even tried to move on. But, there is no escaping the darkness that comes. He could see it, more and more, every day. So, he started to do what felt right, to live by the day. To take risks, to ruin his bridges and hope that enough burning meant the day he died too young, it wouldn't ache too much.

But some people have plans beyond destiny. And sometimes, they work out.

Though it was difficult to overcome Na-Ri and the Distribution of Stars, Galaviz and his friends were able to try it. Vivian had poisoned him, the start of their end begun, and Galaviz's madness began to flicker through him. Driven ever worse by the battle against Nul Fate, the time for action became too vital. Before Na-Ri was subdued and the ancient entity within her made dormant, Vivian and Galaviz were locked into themselves. Their own universe of unbecoming: their own origin and destiny. Endless time and lifetimes immeasurable were worked against their flesh and bones, until the two of them wanted so badly for better, for one another, that love conquered - however briefly.

For one thousand years (as time in timeless places does not flow as humans know time to do) they loved one another, adjusting their destiny for now, earning them a millenia of kindness and hope, their powers subdued and fixed, adjusted: Vivian as Qisne eternal and Galaviz as Ranya eternal, fixed in their structure, made as willing vessels and armaments that could be given up if the time called for it. Orixe, which now exists as a pocket dimension for their own destinies to be written and undone, is closed off to any but a select few, holding The Distribution of Stars in a temporary slumber until better can be decided on, as Galaviz and Vivian both learn to work with and master the tremendous power given to them.